Chairman's speech

Since its foundation, the company has been striving to provide its services in accordance with the highest international standards for its customers, so as to achieve the happiness of the future and not just its land.
Since its inception, the talented person has gone through phases of the stage and is continuing to develop what it offers to take care of all its efforts for comfort, movies and safety in its life to achieve the happiness of the individual whether he is a worker or employee.
The most important assets of the group for us are our employees, who will enable us to excel and have to rely on access services
We hope that God to get what is good for us


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Our News

Participation of the Western company for tents and travel supplies at the International Fair of Hunting and Equestrian 2018

The Western Company for Tents and Flight Equipment participated in the international fishing and equestrian hub for the year 2018 in the exhibition land in Abu Dhabi from 25/09 to 29/09 for the current year. The company succeeded in displaying all its products to customers and achieved a great success rate in satisfying its customers

Honoring Mr. Rashid Al Mansouri Chairman of the Group of Directors of Companies

Saud bin Rashid Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Group, was honored to honor the managers of the companies that achieved success in the financial year spent in a joyful atmosphere which was held by His Excellency on Yas Island

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